BitCenter UK Ltd launches real-time mobile facial recognition technology


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BitCenter UK has developed real-time facial recognition technology, FarFaces for mobile devices that allow detection and recognition of faces with an impressive recognition distance and speed at a distance of up to 15 metres. The best part? The FarFaces App could work on any mobile device (Android and iOS).

FarFaces technology offers recognition in real time, using a mobile phone or tablet, without any expensive equipment installations, specialists and additional costs with a fast deployment time. It could be used as a passenger and border control, access control for workers, contractors, criminals, in places with no CCTV or internet coverage (could work off-line from a mobile phone).

BitCenter UK is a team of researchers, mathematicians, developers and engineers with over 15 years of experience in Computer Vision and Machine Learning. FarFaces app expands the areas of facial recognition used for various applications. Some of the app’s various use cases include:

  • In the field of social work and caregiving where users can utilise the FarFaces App to help identify lost individuals with special health conditions such as Dementia or Alzheimers.
  • Doctors can confirm a patient’s identity and access their details.
  • Access control at events, meetings and temporary entrances.
  • Parents and caretakers can use the FarFaces app to identify lost children or runaways. 
  • Professional networking at large events is more efficient with access to isolated opt-in databases, so you can know who exactly you are interacting with.
  • Universities and schools can streamline their registration processes and keep a better account of students in emergencies.
  • Professional security services can utilise FarFaces to identify personnel and other individuals without having to invest in more equipment.

FarFaces can expand the reach of surveillance security to industries such as Health, Social Services, Events (Professional & Sporting), Entertainment, Professional Security and more.

Being a security app, FarFaces takes its data privacy and user consent very seriously. FarFaces complies with EU GDPR, the technology deletes the images of faces detected and recognised (in the RAM of the mobile device), even before it has compared the face descriptor (a numerical vector containing a generalised image description) to the subject’s data. Therefore, no image is ever transmitted over a network or stored in the system in any way, keeping any biometric data safe from theft during a transition. Furthermore, for people who do not consent to be recognised, faces are blurred right away on a mobile device and no images are stored anywhere. 

FarFaces security app offers an opportunity for smaller security companies, loyalty businesses, event organisers and places in remote locations to have hi-tech security technology at a fraction of the current cost. 

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