Biometric wearables to be launched by Fingerprints and Flywallet


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Fingerprints and Flywallet, a biometric wearables technology start-up, have recently announced their collaboration to develop and launch wearable biometric products for the European market.

Flywallet has built a range of consumer products that support payments, mobility, access and health use cases in a single ecosystem. Among other uses, its products enable secure payments, ticketing and loyalty services, password-free login to online services and building and car access control.

The wearable products from Flywallet will now feature Fingerprints’ biometric sensors, software and algorithm, benefitting from the company’s low power consumption, performance and years of experience in secure biometrics.

Fingerprints’ sensors are designed to be multifunctional to enable usage across a range of different form factors to enhance the security, privacy and user experience.

Roger Carrico, Vice President, Head of Sales for Payment & Access, Fingerprints commented: “Collaborating with Flywallet will accelerate growth of the biometric wearables market in Europe and improve consumer access to new biometric products that enhance convenience and trust.

“For Fingerprints, this partnership is further evidence that our sensors can easily be integrated with other hardware devices to support the development of secure and innovative biometrics products.”

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