BenjiLock & Techlok present computer security solutions


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TechLok Solutions unveiled its biometric laptop security lock for the first time at the CES 2024 press event in Las Vegas, US.

During the event, the company showcased the integration of BenjiLock’s innovative fingerprint hybrid technology with Fingerprints’ BM-Lite, presenting a comprehensive biometric fingerprint solution.


This easy-to-integrate biometric solution enhances security and user convenience, minimising time to market for manufacturers.

The LapLok security device, designed by TechLok Solutions, adds an extra layer of security for laptops and tablets, enabling users to work confidently in various public spaces.

“Collaboration fuels innovation and secures the future”

Adam Philpott, CEO, Fingerprints commented: “At Fingerprints, the world leader in biometrics, our BM-Lite FPC SafeTouch module packs cutting-edge fingerprint security into a compact package.

“Built for seamless integration, it fast-tracks product development and unlocks new possibilities across diverse markets.

“Our partnership with BenjiLock is a prime example of how collaboration fuels innovation – and secures the future.”

“Celebrates its 100 year anniversary”

Robbie Cabral, CEO , BenjiLock added: “As we embark on our strategic partnership with Fingerprints, the collaboration enables our licensees to quickly prototype and release biometric enabled products to market in a more timely fashion.

“What better way to unveil one of our first licensees, TechLok Solutions, with Fingerprints at CES 2024 as it celebrates its 100 year anniversary.”

TechLock Solutions, collaborating with Fingerprints, will co-brand BenjiLock Travel Sentry TSA-accepted Biometric locks, demonstrating the versatility of Fingerprints’ biometric sensors in the travel market.


Fingerprint Cards AB (Fingerprints) is a biometrics company based in Sweden, providing secure and seamless identification solutions integrated into millions of devices worldwide.


BenjiLock, founded in 2014 by Robbie Cabral, is said to have revolutionised personal security with the ‘world’s first’ patented fingerprint hybrid technology.


TechLok caters to the changing work landscape, offering curated accessories to empower professionals in diverse environments, fostering efficiency and adaptability in modern workspaces.

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