BenjiLock forms partnership with Fingerprints

partnership with Fingerprints

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Fingerprint Cards AB has confirmed an international agreement with a US-based designer of biometric locking solutions.

With this partnership, BenjiLock will incorporate Fingerprints’ biometric sensor as well as its software and algorithm into its designs for physical access solutions.

This includes the company’s TSA-accepted biometric locks and equipment cases.

“Exclusive partnership with Fingerprints”

“We are excited to partner with BenjiLock and contribute our advanced sensors and software to its product portfolio,” commented Michel Roig, President, Payment and Access, Fingerprints.

“This collaboration allows us to combine our expertise in biometric technology with BenjiLock’s passion for innovation, enabling us to offer customers superior security solutions that are both reliable and user-friendly.”

Robbie Cabral, Founder and CEO, BenjiLock added: “We are thrilled to enter this exclusive partnership with Fingerprints – this collaboration is a testament to our dedication to offering cutting-edge security solutions that redefine the industry.

“By leveraging Fingerprints’ advanced biometric technology, we can further elevate the security standards of our products, providing customers with peace of mind, safety and convenience.”

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