Exploring BCD’s leadership, strategy and new AI systems


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International Security Journal speaks with Jim Gross, Chief Executive Officer, BCD.

What inspired you to join BCD?

My passion is running, growing and innovating within companies to expand the businesses.

I was inspired to join BCD for several reasons: BCD has a great reputation and history as the most trusted source of video data infrastructure solutions in the security industry, with a global impact that includes over 200K appliances recording in more than 91 countries.

But it is so much more than that.

When you look at BCD, you see a place that has amazing people who are known for service and who always put the customer first, providing lightning fast, customised and proven solutions.

I also have a history with the security industry, as I spent quite a bit of time working with Johnson Controls, Brady and IDenticard, so it is exciting to be back in the security industry.

Can you tell us more about your leadership style and philosophy?

My leadership style and philosophy is really based on servant leadership.

I will focus on setting a vision for our organisation, connecting with and energising our employees, having fun, driving for results with accountability, listening to customer needs and using that to innovate in the market. 

What can you tell our readers about your new AI-Ready Solutions?

BCD designed its new AI systems to enable security integrators, data engineers and security teams to maximise resource utilisation of high performance computing infrastructure so that they can improve faster time-to-results, improve threat detection and help advance human accuracy of threat prevention.

All BCD AI-ready solutions have been vetted and tested with over a dozen multi-spectrum AI applications to give the end user a best-of-breed hardware solution backed by the industry’s best system warranty.

Hardware that has been configured specifically for AI can significantly speed up AI training and inference, making it more accessible and practical for a wide range of surveillance applications, from image enhancement and face recognition to pattern detection and behaviour recognition.

What are your strategic focuses as BCD prepares for 2024?

In 2024, BCD will continue to focus on growing our channel business and concentrate on expanding our OEM offering.

BCD made its name in the video surveillance space and will continue to bring innovative purpose-driven solutions to the security and IOT space.

BCD will take that expertise from the security and IOT space and start to expand that offering into other verticals. We’re expecting edge AI and edge appliances to be a big winner in 2024.

BCD is in a perfect position to expand and grow both our product and service offerings, but also increase our sales exposure. 2024 will be a growth year for BCD and we look forward to bringing innovative solutions to market.

Jim Gross

Jim has over 25 years of experience building winning leadership teams and cultures by bringing a focus to strategic and tactical execution.

Before joining BCD, he served as CEO of Trachte LLC, leading them through a successful private equity sale.

Prior to Trachte, Jim worked at Johnson Controls, Inc. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where he was Vice President of Global Product Management, providing strategic and tactical direction to approximately 350 global product managers across 22 JCI divisions worldwide.   

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