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barox PoE solutions certified for use with Raytec LED illuminators


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barox Kommunikation AG, the global manufacturer of professional standard switches, PoE media converters and IP extenders, has partnered with Raytec, to support installers and specifiers by confirming its range of PoE Ethernet switch products suitable to power Raytec’s LED illuminator products.

Assisting CCTV surveillance integrators with their specification and set-up of reliable PoE when installing Raytec LED illuminators, barox recently concluded an in-depth ‘proof of concept’ test. The testing involved Raytec’s VARIO 2 Hybrid VAR2-IP-hy8-1 and VAR2-IP-hy4-1 illuminators and was performed to assess device performance and compatibility with barox’s range of PoE Ethernet switches and media converters.

Reliable PoE

In the test, the range of barox PoE switches and media converters were assessed for their reliable delivery of power to the VAR2-IP-hy8-1 and VAR2-IP-hy4-1 LED illuminators. In addition, the ability to remotely switch the illuminators On and Off via the barox Smart functionality was also tested. “The device test yielded excellent results, with PoE being supplied to the Raytec illuminators and sustained by the barox switches,” says Rudolf Rohr, barox Co-Founder and Managing partner. “The certified barox/Raytec PoE integration now enables new LED lighting solutions to be configured and installed with complete confidence. barox switches, which cater for the demands of any PoE device, supply their 30, 60 or 90 Watts PoE in compliance with IEEE802.3af/at/bt.”

The use of barox switches to supply PoE also allows remote on and off powering to the Raytec illuminators and surveillance cameras, for example, via a Milestone VMS, where this can only be achieved manually when using an injector, by having to send engineers out to site. “On losing mains power supply, CCTV systems can provide temporary back-up power via a UPS battery pack,” Rohr continues.

“However, if the loss of mains power is prolonged, the local battery power can become depleted and the system blacks out. In this scenario, it would be ideal to prevent the total loss of power and system down-time by remotely switching off certain cameras and/or illuminators – to conserve battery power and maintain the operation of critical devices. Unlike with simple network PoE injectors, by using barox switches and its efficient PoE management, non-critical cameras or Illuminators can be automatically controlled, to extend battery autonomy.”

The Raytec VARIO 2 Hybrid illuminators were each powered by a barox PoE switch and each time achieved perfect results, delivering the performance of a stand-alone infra-red and stand-alone white-light illuminator in a single, fully integrated 2-in-1 solution. “Raytec is proud to be associated with an ethernet switch manufacturer the calibre of barox,” says Callum Ryder, Marketing Manager at Raytec. “We were delighted with the excellent performance results of the barox/Raytec PoE integration test and the ability of the barox range to supply extremely reliable and robust PoE to our Hybrid VAR2-IP-hy8-1 and VAR2-IP-hy4-1 IP LED illuminators.”

To support the installation of Raytec hy-8 and hy-6 IP Hybrid LED illuminators with barox PoE, a copy of the PoE test, including set-up configurations, is available from barox on request.

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