Baghdad Airport facing security crisis as key services provision contract is terminated


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International Security Journal has recently obtained information revealing that the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority (ICAA) has terminated G4S’s contract to provide security services at Baghdad International Airport.

With the contract being been passed over to a small company with limited experience in securing such a complex site, G4S is challenging the legality of the decision in the Iraq courts.

“We are contesting the award of the security contract for Baghdad International Airport (BIAP) through the Iraqi courts as we strongly believe there were significant irregularities in the procurement process,” a G4S spokesperson told International Security Journal.

If court proceedings prove unsuccessful, G4S is legally obliged to remove expatriate staff from the international airport beginning 30 September 2022 at 23:59 hrs; this comes as a result of the new provider not being approved or licensed to conduct security work with the Ministry of Interior in Iraq.

Other information received, however, is suggesting that legal discussions may have already hit a dead-end and that the withdrawal could begin on 26 September 2022.

Such a decision could leave the airport greatly unprotected, with 91 staff no longer offering services including: Aviation Security (personnel); Explosive Detection Dog Capability; X-ray Technicians and Trainers; Weapon Safety Instructors; Health and Safety Professionals; Qualified and Certified Medics.

In addition, G4S could remove all security communications, internet networks and mobile phones that are licensed to the company as well as its tested Standard Operating Procedures, Business Continuity and Emergency Plans, Crisis Management Plans, Aviation Security Training and Canine Certification programme.

Major regional airlines are anticipating minor disruptions to airport security operations but have no plans to cancel flights to or from Baghdad Airport. The new provider is expected to retain all Iraqi personnel.

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