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Axon unveils body camera for frontline worker safety

Axon - body camera

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Axon has launched its Body Workforce, a new generation of body camera tailored for frontline workers in retail and healthcare.

The body camera – incorporating life-saving technology – trusted by over 2,000 law enforcement agencies worldwide, is designed to help enterprise organisations protect their personnel.

“Critical to our mission to protect life”

Rick Smith, CEO and Founder, Axon commented: “Public safety is about just that — people feeling and being safe in public, including while at work.

“That’s why Axon Body Workforce is so critical to our mission to protect life. It marks a new chapter in body-worn cameras, built to address the workplace violence affecting frontline workers.”

Available for purchase in the US, Australia, Canada, EU and UK, Axon Body Workforce is lightweight, customisable and integrates with the company’s real time operations and evidence management technology.

Axon Body Workforce features:

  • Quality hardware: The Body Workforce features quality hardware, real time capabilities and simple evidence management workflows
  • Deterring and de-escalating incidents: Provides benefits such as deterring and de-escalating incidents, supporting employees in real time
  • Promoting transparency: Promotes transparency in interactions, allowing for the management of high quality, easily searchable footage

Originally designed to enhance hospital security, the technology has successfully reduced litigation costs and operational data management time for healthcare centres.

The Former Chief of the Dallas Police Department Renee Hall added: “The new Axon Body Workforce body-worn camera is not only useful for promoting frontline workers’ safety, but also aids law enforcement agencies responding to the recent rise in violence in healthcare, retail and other commercial settings by providing easily accessible digital evidence.

“This solution shows Axon’s continued commitment to keeping our communities secure as public safety challenges evolve.”

The company plans to continue collaborating with various sectors to contribute to the safety and security of frontline workers.

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