Axis to exhibit innovative technologies at Intersec 2023


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Axis Communications is ready to disrupt industry norms at the 24th edition of Intersec taking place in Dubai from 17–19 January 2023.

The company is planning a reimagined, reinvigorated exhibition experience that takes visitors on an exploratory journey into the world of security and surveillance.

This year’s event presents an opportunity for industry associates, businesses and individuals to explore the latest technologies and product launches from Axis in a memorable way.

At the Intersec 2023 exhibition stand, visitors can expect to see the very latest product advancements from Axis. This will include a wide range of technologies including “world firsts” that showcase the Axis approach to innovation and the company’s longstanding commitments to quality and reliability.

At the Axis stand, attendees will benefit from high impact discussions centred on modern challenges, new technologies and best practices related to some of Axis’ offerings:

  • Smart city solutions are connecting people, data and devices in new ways that are helping us create a safer and smarter world. From improving public safety and urban mobility to environmental monitoring, Axis will showcase innovative surveillance products and IoT solutions that are rapidly defining our future
  • Effective cybersecurity strategies require businesses to assess risks and consequences and choose the right tech to mitigate those risks. Axis will explore how products with built-in cybersecurity features are designed to protect organisations from today’s evolving landscape of cyber-threats
  • Network audio solutions leverage IP-based networks to proactively protect people and premises. From warning off intruders to providing instructions in an emergency and making announcements that improve operational efficiency, Axis will highlight how the increasing number of use cases for network audio is transforming various industries
  • Sustainability is a cornerstone of Axis’ business model and a guiding principle behind its development of innovative products and involvement with the communities in which it operates. Find out how Axis is implementing sustainable strategies and addressing common challenges
  • The Axis Communications Academy has been a valued industry resource since its inception in 2005. The training it offers is delivered by experts and provides learners with deep knowledge of the latest security solutions, trends and technologies
  • Axis Communications would not be the industry leader it is today without the support and input of its many partners. Collaboration is a power and a driving force. Through a global network that spans 179 counties, Axis partners are critical to forging new markets and introducing new, innovative, and diverse products and solutions

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