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Axis Communications releases new generation of ultra-compact mini domes

mini domes

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Axis Communications has announced a new generation of AXIS M30 Network Camera Series. These ultra-compact, fixed mini domes feature day/night functionality and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) for clarity even when there’s both dark and light areas in the scene. The series includes AXIS M3064-V for sharp 720p video quality. AXIS M3065-V, AXIS M3066-V and AXIS M3075-V offer higher resolutions and feature a HDMI port that can be used to display live video on a public viewing monitor or setup a virtual window for the backdoor or entrance. Additionally, AXIS M3075-V includes a built-in microphone for audio detection and recording.

These affordably priced cameras feature support for intelligent analytics such as AXIS People Counter, AXIS Queue Monitor and audio analytics for improved business efficiency. Designed for quick and easy installation, they are delivered factory focused so there’s no manual focusing required. Furthermore, they offer versatile mounting options with accessories available for mounting on lighting tracks, tile grids or pendants. Plus, the casings benefit from no visible screws and simply snap on. They can also be repainted to blend in discreetly and seamlessly with any interior colour scheme.

Key features include:

HDTV 720p/1080p and 4 MP video quality

WDR and day/night functionality

HDMI output* and built-in microphone*

Environmentally friendly

Zipstream supporting H.264 and H.265

These products offer Axis Zipstream technology with support for both H.264 and H.265 which significantly reduces bandwidth and storage requirements. Furthermore, they’re made of 52% recycled plastics and free of hazardous brominated and chlorinated flame retardants (BFR/CFR free).

*Available in selected models.

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