New Axis camera software now available with optional face blur feature


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With AI-based masking – supported in selected Axis cameras with a deep-learning processing unit (DLPU) – the application analyses live video for human forms and gives users the choice of masking humans, faces or the background in restricted places. It enables users to schedule when the privacy application should be applied and removed, such as using the new functionality on weekdays and removing it during weekends.

AXIS Live Privacy Shield compares a live camera view to a set background scene and applies dynamic masking to areas of change—essentially, moving people and objects. Users can choose between transparent colour or mosaic masking, the level of masking required and how often the background automatically updates.

Colour masking provides the greatest privacy protection, effectively eliminating the collection of personal data while enabling movements to be seen. Mosaic masking shows moving objects in very low resolution and allows users to better distinguish forms by seeing an object’s colours.

AXIS Live Privacy Shield is suitable for remote video monitoring or recording in indoor areas where surveillance is otherwise problematic due to privacy regulations. With dynamic masking functionality, it is ideal for near-range indoor and outdoor scenes in places like hospitals, elderly care homes, hotels, schools, offices and stores.

Key benefits:

  • Safeguards privacy
  • Reliable, real-time dynamic masking at high frame rates
  • Cost effective, high-performance edge-based solution
  • Easy to install, configure and manage
  • Choice of colour or mosaic masking

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