Avolon selects HID Mobile Access to create secure employee experiences


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HID Global has announced that leading aerospace company, Avolon has selected the HID Mobile Access solution for physical access at its headquarters in Dublin and other locations worldwide. Powered by HID’s award-winning Seos credential technology, the solution enables Avolon to issue staff Mobile IDs to smartphones for building access and provides an efficient management platform for its global network of offices.

Avolon is one of the world’s largest aircraft leasing companies servicing many of the world’s major airlines. HID partnered with Ireland-based systems integrator, Summit Security Systems Ltd to deploy the HID Mobile Access solution and HIDreaders throughout Avolon’s Dublin campus. Mobile IDs are sent to Avolon staff via an app on a user’s Android or iOS mobile device so they can quickly and easily use their phones to gain access to Avolon facilities.

“We needed to maintain a secure perimeter, but we did not want the security to be a barrier. Using a mobile phone is much more convenient than an access card and phones tend not to get left behind,” said Allan Dawson, Facilities Project Manager at Avolon. “We were looking for a system that was highly flexible, highly mobile and highly secure. HID has offered us that and the solution gives us everything that we want in terms of security and flexibility.”

The HID Mobile Access solution facilitates around-the-clock office access for staff members and equips administrators to manage access rights from a centralised, cloud-based portal. Since Mobile IDs are issued remotely, they can easily be issued or revoked for added convenience and efficiency.

Mobile access across more Avolon facilities

“Avolon’s use of HID Mobile Access makes touchless access control possible for a more seamless user experience, which is appealing to many organisations in the today’s new normal,” said Harm Radstaak, Vice President and Managing Director of Physical Access Control with HID Global.“The scalability of our solution also lays the groundwork for Avolon to easily extend mobile access across more of its facilities.”

Following the successful deployment of mobile access at its Dublin headquarters, Avolon has also launched the HID Mobile Access solution at its New York, Florida and Hong Kong offices, with plans underway for its Singapore campus.

Watch the video or download the case study for more information.

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