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Ava Security announces another year of triple-digit growth in 2021


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Ava Security, the open platform for cloud-native video security, has announced its growth results and key achievements for 2021. Overall video revenue grew globally by over 300%, ARR grew by 500% and the number of cameras connected to the Ava Aware Cloud continues to double every three months. The company continued to make significant investments across R&D, sales, marketing and leadership. 

“Cloud, cloud, cloud—it’s what’s driving Ava’s growth, with a high percentage of new customers opting for pure cloud deployments,” said Rick Hill, VP and GM of Americas for Ava. “We also see more and more customers gravitating toward our open approach, allowing for best of breed access control, sensor integrations and third-party camera interoperability with our Ava Aware Cloud. Customers value the embedded analytics, ease of use and pace of innovation we are delivering – and the market values choice, we work very hard to meet our customers where they are on their journey to the cloud.”

On the innovation front, Ava introduced two new cloud cameras (the Ava Compact Dome and the Ava Bullet), launched Ava Cloud Storage, delivered a unified dashboard for hybrid deployments and developed native integrations with IP Video’s Halo sensors and Disruptive Technologies’ environmental sensors. Ava also launched software-driven LPR (License Plate Recognition), enabling the technology on both Ava and third party cameras and not requiring separate dedicated LPR hardware.

Other notable Ava achievements:

  • Doubled active partners while launching an improved partner program framework.
  • Improved and shortened lead times despite silicon shortage and global supply chain challenges.
  • Won several awards, including the prestigious Red Dot Award in both Product Design and Smart Product categories.
  • Opened new a distribution center in Amsterdam.
  • Expanded physical presence in the US with a new office in Raleigh, NC.
  • Hired dedicated personnel to grow presence in APAC.

Tormod Ree, CEO & Co-Founder of Ava Security commented: “2021 was a great year for us, with our growth rate boosted by new enterprise customers – five Fortune 1000 customers in Q4 alone. But we’re not stopping there, as we’re projecting similar growth numbers for 2022. We are starting to hit our stride here at Ava – we expect to grow more, innovate more and make more customers happy in 2022. Watch this space.”

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