Atos integrates viisights software into Atos Computer Vision Platform


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Atos has announced its new partnership to integrate viisights software into its Atos Computer Vision Platform. This collaboration will allow viisights’ powerful behavioural video analytics to run on Atos Computer Vision Platform, providing users with unique insight and therefore to immediately detect and predict violent activity, suspicious activity, crowd behaviour, traffic monitoring and much more to help authorities prevent harmful activities from escalating.

viisights will integrate its AI models to VISuite – these models are specifically designed for security and safety applications, targeting transportation hubs, smart cities, critical infrastructure and various kind of campuses. They leverage viisights’ unique video understanding technology capabilities.

Atos Computer Vision Platform, launched in July 2021, is a unique end-to-end computer vision platform providing pre-trained & customisable AI models powered by the BullSequana server range and enriched by a partner ecosystem and Atos computer vision experts through worldwide experts labs. It enables users to identify events and behaviours, to reduce error rates, to guarantee people and asset safety, to deliver the highest quality and to offer frictionless and personalised customer experiences. Atos Computer Vision Platform offers full compatibility with Atos BullSequana server range designed for AI applications, Atos data science services and leverages Atos’ established global presence in the public safety space.

“We’re very excited to partner with Atos. This strategic partnership will help deliver highly advanced and valuable solutions that leverage our respective core areas of expertise,” said Asaf Birenzvieg, CEO of viisights. “Integrating Atos Computer Vision Platform as a partner makes it easier and more cost-effective to offer municipalities and other customers turnkey solutions that deliver proactive safety and security.”

“We are proud to announce viisights integrates Atos Computer Vision Platform as a partner, integrating VISuite, the software toolbox. This partnership will harness the reach of Atos Computer Vision Platform to make public transports and public areas across the globe safer, smarter and more secure,” said Jérôme Sandrini, Head of Big Data solutions, Atos.

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