Assac Networks wins government contract in Africa

Assac Networks

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Assac Networks has recently secured a government contract for the implementation of its ShieldiT system within a governmental agency in an African country.

Assac Networks’ solution

ShieldiT, the flagship product of Assac Networks, will play a crucial role in offering comprehensive protection against tapping and hacking threats across all communication channels within the government, covering desktops, landlines and mobile devices.

The system is designed to integrate with existing governmental monitoring and control infrastructure, consolidating cybersecurity threats into a centralised system.

Recognised as the exclusive solution offering unified, managed anti-hacking and anti-tapping capabilities for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) smartphones, ShieldiT addresses the susceptibility of these devices within organisational IT networks.

Deployed worldwide by governmental authorities, ShieldiT has demonstrated its effectiveness in preventing cyber-attacks.

“Full security protection coverage”

Shimon Zigdon, CEO, Assac Networks stated: “For the first time, ShieldiT will provide full security protection coverage for all communication systems used by a governmental organisation.

Assac Networks is honoured to be the chosen solution for governmental clients of national importance, dedicated to protecting information against cyber-attacks.”

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