ASSA ABLOY simplifies the management of technicians for a network of electric vehicle charging stations


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Securing valuable outdoor locations and managing their ever-moving team of service contractors is a challenge common across the infrastructure sector. It demands an electronic locking system with robust hardware and simplified key management, which saves administrators’ time and cuts the number of wasted journeys contractors must make.

Comfort Charge is a Bonn-based Deutsche Telekom subsidiary which operates charging stations for electric vehicles throughout Germany. Parts of the existing telecommunications infrastructure are being upgraded to create the network for these public charging points.

Electric vehicles can be conveniently charged at stations using charge cards supplied by partner e-mobility providers (EMPs) or with conventional cashless payment methods. Thanks to the highly innovative technology used, it takes a mere ten minutes to charge vehicles with enough power to travel up to 100km. The company thus offers one of the fastest urban charging options currently available in Germany.

A modern locking solution was needed for Comfort Charge’s network of rapid-charge stations. The major requirements were that it should simplify key management and have the flexibility to adapt to a large, mobile user group of service technicians.

Robust devices and flexibility to grow with the network

Comfort Charge GmbH opted for ASSA ABLOY eCLIQ electronic smart key access control. This system, which has already proven its worth at parent company Deutsche Telekom, offers maximum flexibility with its programmable key system management.

“We were looking for a locking system that we could put into operation easily. That’s why we chose eCLIQ, the ideal solution for us with its fast, easy parametrisation,” says Robert Miehle-Huang, Engineer, Technics & ICT at Comfort Charge.

With eCLIQ, changes in any keyholder’s access authorisations are easily and conveniently defined by assigning rights via the intuitive system software. Lost keys can be deactivated at short notice. Authorisations with time and lock restrictions are also possible. For instance, technicians can be issued a personalised authorisation for a specific task or cleaners can be granted access only during specific timeframes.

In addition to a compact design, it was also important for the locking solution to have robust, long-lasting components to ensure safety at the charging stations. These are located in public places and therefore exposed to different environmental conditions.

Cylinders in the eCLIQ range are weather-resistant and have a lubricant reservoir that keeps them maintenance-free for up to 200,000 cycles; eCLIQ keys have a 10-year battery life (with typical use) and IP67-rated protection against water and dust. The eCLIQ system is ideally adapted for outdoor use.

“The eCLIQ system builds on many decades of ASSA ABLOY investment and innovation in lock and key technologies,” adds Stephan Schulz, CLIQ Product Manager at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions EMEIA. “This solution is already trusted to secure sensitive sites, protecting people, data and equipment all over the world.”

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