ASSA ABLOY announces innovative Nexgen parking solutions from Medeco


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ASSA ABLOY have recently announced the availability of the latest generation of Medeco Nexgen Intelligent Locking Solutions for parking equipment – the Nexgen2 key, desktop single key, multi-key programmer and web-based management software.

The Nexgen system is a complete access control and accountability solution to protect revenue and data in today’s parking equipment. 

The Nexgen system

The Nexgen system is made up of three elements: electronic locks, programmable keys and web-based software. These elements work together to provide controlled access, accountability, strong physical security and electronic route management for parking meters and collection equipment.

Nexgen protects revenue while closely managing access to increase profitability for metered parking systems. Cities using the Nexgen system to protect their meter revenue have reported significant improvements due to unprecedented protection against unauthorised access, as well as detailed audit capabilities.

“Parking is an important source of revenue for many cities, universities and public facilities,” said Gene Cronin, Medeco Product Manager, ASSA ABLOY.

“The Nexgen electronic locking system is a powerful tool for securing revenue and giving parking managers insight into collection and maintenance activity, allowing them to make the most of their time and resources.”

Nexgen addresses the operational problems of managing too many keys, unauthorised copies of keys, unreportable loss, and collection efficiency by providing detailed reporting of all activity.

Nexgen2 keys are programmed to open only specific locks during a set schedule; access rights can be turned off instantly which helps reduce the risks attached to the loss or theft of keys. Additionally, all openings and attempted openings are easily audited via the software’s graphic dashboard – this operational intelligence helps bring greater efficiency and control to day-to-day operations.

ROI Factors of the Nexgen Intelligent Locking System include:

  • Improves Route Efficiency
  • Eliminates unauthorised use of keys
  • Ability to set access and expiration schedules
  • Eliminates lock rekeying costs
  • Tracks authorised openings and unauthorised attempts
  • Identifies collection skips and reopens

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