The invisible way architects can balance vision with compliance in entrance door design


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Entrance design is about making a great first impression. Yet the journey from architect’s vision to the front face of a building can demand compromises, especially where heavy doors need closing aids for safe, barrier-free operation. Floor Springs make use comfortable and compliant, for any door, without clutter or unsightly furniture.

When an entrance needs to impress, the architect aims to realise their design undiluted. Achieving this can pose a major challenge when eye-catching, heavy, two-way doors are part of the vision; even more so, if glass doors are chosen for a showcase entrance. Floor Springs give these doors optimum opening and closing performance that works completely out of sight.

“Floor springs are a minimalist alternative to on-door mounted closers,” says Roberto Tassoni, Door Closer Product Manager at ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions EMEIA. “They ensure an entrance meets the demands of regulations and inclusive design, while retaining the ‘wow factor’ every great front door needs.”

Not all Floor Springs are created equal

Floor Springs from ASSA ABLOY smooth opening and closing performance to meet compliance demands. They make a minimal visual footprint: Everyone’s eyes stay fixed on the door design.

Installers don’t even need to fit hinges. The whole door mounts seamlessly on springs embedded in the floor — ideal for equipping doors in tricky materials like glass and to showcase minimalist designs. Any material, any weight up to 300kg and double action, push/pull doors are all accommodated.

Hidden below floor level by an AISI 304 steel cover plate, ASSA ABLOY’s unique Cam-Motion technology does the heavy lifting, so building users don’t have to. Doors open and shut tight with minimal force. In real-world use, they require less effort for everyone who passes through them — a major benefit for safety and barrier-free inclusion.

Cam-Motion creates a memorable first impression

Required pushing force for ASSA ABLOY Floor Springs falls more rapidly than with similar closing technologies — providing comfortable opening for all. Further, they have independent valves, so latch and closing speeds may be adjusted individually. Little fingers (and their parents) appreciate this extra safeguard.

All valves are thermo-resistant for genuine fit-and-forget performance: When door speeds are set, they stay set, even at extreme temperatures. Every component is durable and suited to even the most heavily trafficked door.

For time-saving specification, adjustable power sizes make it possible to equip a building with just two models. All specification details can be delivered as BIM Objects and within Openings Studio software, for time-saving integration with popular design packages such as Revit.

Fully closed doors offer further benefits in everyday use: They create better soundproofing as well as a thermal seal. UNEP estimates that buildings consume around 60% of the world’s electricity. Properly closed doors can contribute to minimising energy waste.

Inclusive, barrier-free access requires the comfortable operation of exterior and interior doors. Thankfully, for architects and interior designers aiming to combine compliance with a memorable first impression, there is now an alternative to cluttered door hardware.

For more on ASSA ABLOY’s range of Cam-Motion Floor Springs, including detailed specifications, download a free solution guide at

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