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Aperio technology delivers future-proofed access control for London’s new innovation hub

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Modern office design needs access control that is powerful, flexible and aesthetically in tune with workspace users. At Plexal, a new £15 million flexible work environment for East London’s “innovation community”, Aperio achieves all three — wirelessly.

At Plexal, enterprise and academia work together, with technology companies, start-ups, universities and creatives under one roof. Up to 800 entrepreneurs use the workspace to devise, create and launch products and services.

Plexal required a tried-and-tested access control solution they could rely on for high-end security to protect this new co-working office against unauthorised intrusion and burglary. Easy, non-disruptive installation of new locking devices was another goal: Plexal preferred a wireless solution.

Any chosen solution would need the flexibility to expand access control as Plexal’s site scales over time. Device aesthetics must complement a contemporary, light-filled interior design with lots of glass.

A powerful, flexible, wireless access solution
Plexal offices are now fitted with Aperio wireless, access card-based locking technology. Plexal’s battery-powered Aperio locks are integrated with DoorFlow, NetNodes’ online platform for managing and auditing building access.

So far, 59 Aperio L100 wireless high-security door locks have been installed and integrated online with DoorFlow. These Aperio locks provide Plexal with a high level of physical protection and transmit door status to DoorFlow in real time.

“Plexal required an adaptable locking solution for a range of different doors and, with no wiring required, it was quick and easy to install Aperio with minimal disruption,” says Stewart Johnson, Director at NetNodes.

Because Aperio locks are battery- rather than mains-powered, the new wireless solution also keeps Plexal’s maintenance costs and energy consumption low. Aperio wireless locks use no power when idle, only “waking up” to read credentials or maintain a system heartbeat. Annual running cost savings over traditional wired doors are significant.

Modern locking device design for a contemporary office
Aperio aesthetics were a good fit for Plexal’s modern workspace. “We have a futuristic-style, open-plan design here at Plexal — our offices are predominantly glass-fronted, so we needed an effective design which was not only robust but adaptable, too,” says John Herbert, Facilities Manager at Plexal.

“What really appealed to me about ASSA ABLOY access control’s products was the aesthetic.”

And because Aperio technology is built on an open platform for integration with almost any security or building management system, Plexal’s access control solution is fully future-proofed. They have the option to expand to new offices, floors or even buildings easily. Aperio can upgrade mechanically locked doors and wirelessly connect them — online or offline — to new or existing access control systems. This is achieved with minimal modification to doors and premises, offering a simple, cost-effective security upgrade.

“Should any additional doors need to be added to the system in the future, this can be done easily, without modifying or changing the aesthetics of the environment,” confirms Stewart Johnson. “This also minimises future installation costs, offering a cost-effective and straightforward access control upgrade.”

“We foresee change in the not-too-distant future and are delighted at our options to modify,” adds John Herbert.

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