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ams OSRAM and trinamiX demonstrate ultra-secure face authentication


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ams OSRAM and trinamiX GmbH have announced the development of a demonstration system that shows face authentication from behind an OLED screen with the ultra-high security performance required for mobile payments. The demonstrator will first be showcased at Sensors Converge 2022 from 27-29 June in San Jose, USA.   

ams OSRAM and trinamiX are working together to provide smartphone manufacturers with a highly secure and convenient user authentication system that will be available later this year. The core of the full solution are trinamiX’s certified face authentication software and a dedicated projector by ams OSRAM. Based on this innovative combination, the solution is able to perform behind smartphone displays while enabling for a small technical footprint and a cost-efficient integration.

More recently, trinamiX Face Authentication has proven to reliably reject advanced fraud attacks by means of a novel liveness check based on skin detection. The solution was certified in compliance with the mobile payment standards of Android Biometric Class 3, the IIFAA Biometric Face Security Test Requirement and FIDO Alliance.

Matthias Gloor, Senior Product Manager of ams OSRAM, said: “trinamiX’s solution has been tested exhaustively against spoofing attempts. Even when attackers used ultra-realistic masks, the spoofing was detected and access reliably rejected. We present mobile phone manufacturers with a solution that fulfills top security requirements for mobile payments while being easy to integrate into their devices.”

The companies’ first demonstration system leverages ams OSRAM’s dot-flood infrared projector and trinamiX’s unique hardware/software setup – both allowing for a highly secure and convenient performance, also when integrated behind OLED displays. “ams OSRAM’s optimised projector is the perfect match for our solution,” said Stefan Metz, Head of Smartphone Business Asia at trinamiX. “The combination of our unique hardware and algorithms rapidly produce reliable face authentication results to create an extremely smooth experience for smartphone users. We are happy to finally present this next-generation solution to customers.”

The demonstration system will premier at Sensors Converge 2022, taking place on June 27-29 in San Jose, USA. Customer presentations as well as appointments during the fair can be requested at [email protected]

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