AMG Systems completes system upgrade project in Egypt

AMG Systems

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Fustat Park in Egypt has upgraded its surveillance system by partnering with AMG Systems.

A popular destination located in the Old Cairo district, the park is named after the city of Fustat and was built after the conquest of Egypt by Amr ibn al-Aas in 641.

Fustat Park

According to AMG Systems, the origins of the park can be traced back to 937 when Muhammad al-Ikhshidi transformed an arsenal established by Ahmed bin Tulun into a garden.

Now, the park is a landmark and a testament to the rich history of Fustat.

Covering a total of 105 hectares, the Fustat Garden is the largest man-made park in the city and is managed by the Department of Special Gardens, Cairo Governorate.

Opened in 1989, visitors to the park are guaranteed to learn about architectural wonders and the history of the destination itself.

AMG Systems

Fustat, a well known organisation, approached AMG Systems to utilise its network design services.

The company provided its AMG250 range of industrial media converters to ensure the smooth transmission of data and video signals through the network.

With many challenges facing the company – such as minimising disruption to the park’s opening hours – proper planning had to be put in place to ensure that the process ran smoothly.

Customer requirements also had to be considered as any equipment installed had to be industrial due to the extreme weather conditions in the park.

Moreover, AMG was dedicated to preserving the aesthetic appeal of the park, thus giving consideration to the installation process and not compromising the park’s scenic views.

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