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AMG launches single channel PoE power injectors

AMG Systems

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AMG Systems has launched its AMG150/155 single channel industrially hardened PoE injectors.

The solutions are capable of supporting Ethernet speeds from 10Mb to 10Gb and inject 30W, 60W or 90W power for use by PoE powered devices.

AMG Systems’ AMG150/155 series

The series’ models offer a range of DC or AC power inputs with integrated surge protection.

According to the company, the AMG150/155 series is unique in that its models are standard with 1Gbps speed and offer 2.5, 5 and 10Gbps speed models.

The AMG150 Series consists of eight models powered by external DC power supplies utilising from nine to 60VDC depending on individual model numbers.

The series consists of five models designed to be powered by 85 to 264VAC mains power and the entire line also offers multiple mounting options.

Competitive and cost-effective

Steve Clarke, Managing Director, AMG commented: “We designed the AMG150/155 Series to provide a competitive, cost-effective, designed in the USA/UK, manufactured in the UK (NDAA & TAA compliant) alternative to the mostly Asia-made, re-badged products currently available.

“Incorporating a more installer friendly form factor and fully integrated surge protection along with support for true IEEE 802.3bt compliant high power PoE, while being able to meet industry cost targets will make these products extremely attractive to many PoE powered applications.”

“We believe in the quality”

“The AMG150/155 series sets the quality standard,” added Tom Exley, Technical Director, AMG.

“Our engineering team looked at what was currently available, identified weaknesses and engineered our product line to overcome those weaknesses.

“Many competitors offer Asia-sourced PoE injectors. None are equal in terms of being industrially hardened and made in an ISO9001 certified facility and still being cost-effective.

“We believe in the quality and stand behind them with lifetime support. This injector opens dozens of applications that can now utilise PoE as the power source.

“Plus having a product made in the UK gives your network an added layer of security.”

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