AMAG Technology announces Symmetry Control Room V4.5


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AMAG Technology, a provider of unified solutions that help organisations mitigate risk, has released Symmetry Control Room V4.5. Symmetry Control Room V4.5 is an open architecture command and control platform that unifies security. It brings together multiple, disparate systems into a single, personalised user interface which improves response time and security management.

“The newest version of Symmetry Control Room offers many feature enhancements to simplify the security process while delivering more value to the user,” said AMAG Technology, Senior Product Manager, Jim Murray. “Control Room brings security together.”

Symmetry Control Room V4.5 features a new Video Overlay to control and navigate the system directly from within a camera view. The new Video Overlay option allows for symbols or objects to be placed directly onto the foreground layer of a camera video stream. For example, add Video Overlay objects as user selectable buttons to a camera’s view to connect to a nearby intercom, control door access and switch to an adjacent camera while tracking an individual. The operator is able to monitor, control and track directly from within the camera view while keeping focus on the object of interest.

The Camera Lasso tool is a new feature that now allows for a quick display and/or control of devices within a selected area on a graphic or map, improving efficiency and response time. Users can quickly lasso or select a group of cameras, doors or intercoms, for example and control those devices.

Localise devices or objects with the ability to add GPS coordinates to any high resolution map as a background layer, allowing users to quickly locate or position devices within the map by geolocation.

With Control Room V4.5, users now have the added flexibility to create customised dropdown menus and submenus to support desired actions. For example, create a ‘video replay’ command menu with sub menu to go back one, two, or five minutes. Customise the time based on a company’s needs.

To provide ease of use, Control Room V4.5 configuration updates with graphics or scripts are now reflected dynamically, eliminating the need to restart the client software to see the updates.

For more information about AMAG Technology or Symmetry Control Room, visit, call 310-518-2380 or contact a Regional Sales Manager.

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