Alomra Group and ARES Security Corporation partner in Africa

ARES Security Corporation

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Alomra Group and ARES Security Corporation have formed a strategic partnership that focuses on revolutionising security practices in Morocco and across wider Africa.

Alomra Group & ARES Security Corporation

Working in collaboration, the companies will prioritise the development of innovative security modelling solutions by utilising state of the art technologies through the ARES Enterprise Security Platform.

According to an announcement, ARES and Alomra Group will develop innovative solutions for security risk assessment and command and control.

This is said to enable organisations to enhance preparedness and response capabilities.

“We are excited to join forces with ARES Security Corporation to drive innovation and excellence in security solutions across Morocco and Africa,” said Driss Benomar, Founder and CEO, Alomra Group.

“By combining our expertise in security with ARES Security Corporation’s cutting-edge technologies, we are poised to set new standards for security practices on the continent.”

“Delivering impactful solutions”

“Our partnership with Alomra Group International represents a significant opportunity to leverage our advanced technologies and capabilities to address the complex security challenges facing the region,” added M. Benedict Eazzetta, Founder and CEO, ARES Security Corporation.

“Together, we are committed to delivering impactful solutions that enhance safety and security for communities and organisations throughout Morocco and Africa.”

As part of the collaboration, Alomra Group and ARES Security Corporation are expected to establish strong relationships with local stakeholders, government agencies and communities.

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