Allegion Middle East introduces touchless access solutions for Middle East markets

Touchless access

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Allegion Middle East has unveiled its comprehensive portfolio of smart, secure, touchless access solutions with the focus on multifamily properties, healthcare facilities, commercial offices and education campuses. Allegion is providing that portfolio to businesses in the UAE and across the Middle East, actively addressing the unique and growing needs of the safety and security sector there.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, organisations are facing new challenges that centre around how to open-up to the public or to keep operations running while maintaining a safe environment for both employees and customers. In doing so, one concern that needs addressed is contact transmission: some studies have found that the COVID-19 virus can survive on certain surfaces for days unless properly disinfected. As a result, lessening the amount of contact people have with commonly touched surfaces is one measure facilities managers can consider in seeking to provide safer, cleaner environments.

“Offering safe and clean environments is clearly top of mind for many – and for good reason. Adapting new technology and changing the way we access buildings or rooms is one opportunity to make a difference. Going wireless is already a popular trend and when combined with automation of a door or opening, it can help reduce the chance of transmitting viruses and bacteria through hand-to-door contact. With increasing demand for social distancing and safe infrastructure in place, businesses are redesigning their spaces, adapting them to the ‘new normal.’ Touchless door solutions can provide seamless access that’s aligned with those new requirements and provide quality experience,” commented Jeff Bennett, Commercial Director for Middle East & Africa at Allegion.

Allegion’s touchless access solutions portfolio redefines access control amid the challenges exposed by the pandemic. The comprehensive portfolio is the next wave in Allegion’s mission to serve the industry with secure, smart, touchless access control solutions, helping keep people safe where they live, work and thrive.

The UAE is among nations adopting the most demanding social distancing standard of two metres, double the standard recommended by the World Health Organisation. A recent study indicates that one of the best defences of healthcare workers is through barrier protection from surfaces that become contaminated (Journal of the American Medical Association, March 2020).

Allegion touchless access solutions can be customised based on business requirements and are designed to help enterprises keep their facilities safe and secure with contactless options by automating openings. The portfolio includes:

Mobile Enabled Readers – these solutions are designed to provide a contactless credential that requires a user to simply present the card near it.

Automatic Operators – these solutions are designed for applications where most pedestrians operate the door electronically utilising a motor gearbox and control box to perform the opening and closing functions.

Actuators – these solutions provide a signal that activates the automatic operator to open the door, including “wave to open,” motion detection or contactless readers.

Safety Sensors – these solutions issued in conjunction with an actuator to prevent the door from closing whilst you are passing or in the path of the closing door, ensuring your safe path through the opening.

To learn more about Allegion’s touchless access solutions or to request a chat with a specification team to see how solutions can be integrated into your specific space, visit, send an email to [email protected] or dial +971 4 818 8999.

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