Alleged cyber-attack investigated by Guernsey States


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The States of Guernsey is investigating a possible cyber-attack after its website went offline temporarily.

The official website for the island was offline for “a short time”.

The States said the issue was quickly resolved and all possible causes were being looked at.

A States of Guernsey spokesperson said: “The States of Guernsey is currently investigating the cause of the website outage, which was resolved within a short time.

“We take information security very seriously and we are looking at all possible causes.

Colin Vaudin, Chief Information Officer for the States of Guernsey said: “Cyber-attacks are, regrettably, now part of the day-to-day security considerations for any organisation and the ability to prepare, protect and recover from such attacks is crucial. This attack was sophisticated and could have had significant operational impact and caused disruption to the ability of the States to communicate with Islanders, businesses and other bodies.

“Whilst I will not comment on the details of the technical measures we have in place and how we reacted to counter this specific attack I would like to reassure the public that we have been constantly improving our cybersecurity measures meaning we’ve been able to quickly tackle what could have been a very serious attack,” she added.

This is an ongoing story. Keep updated with all the details in the ISJ News Section.

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