Ajax Systems announces release of updated PRO Desktop app


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Ajax Systems has released the updated PRO Desktop app, which now combines all the tools to connect, maintain and monitor Ajax security systems.

PRO Desktop 3.2 will allow installation and service companies to manage the PRO accounts of staff installers and external contractors, give them temporary access to system settings and restrict access to sensitive information.

More options for administering

New app features have been developed to respond to the security market demand. Installation companies needed a “corporate” account to provide access to security settings for the personal PRO accounts.

Now, when creating a company account, PRO Desktop 3.2 offers to select the company profile: Alarm monitoring or Installation and maintenance. The owner can select both profiles — the company will then have access to a monitoring module and all seven employees roles, such as Company owner, Senior CMS Engineer, Engineer, Head of operators, Operator, and the new roles of Installer and Head of installers.

The mobile PRO app now features the ability to separate the company’s hubs from the installer’s PRO account hubs. Several hub lists are now available in the interface, and the installer can switch between them in two clicks.

No restrictions: A company can have multiple installers, everyone with their own PRO account, and an installer can work with multiple companies simply by switching between them in the apps. All information from installed systems is instantly synchronised with apps via Ajax Cloud. All the transmitted and stored data is securely encrypted.

Advantages of cloud technologies

PRO Desktop 3.2 cloud infrastructure doesn’t require powerful servers, dedicated IP or system administrators. Ajax Cloud is located in several geographically dispersed data centers, has an intelligent load balancer and uses advanced server technology. The availability of Ajax Cloud in 2021 was 99.995%.

Ajax Cloud features PRO Desktop with more advantages, even compared to the best SaaS solutions in the industry. You don’t need to buy a separate subscription to change the functionality or additional server space to scale. Ajax Cloud infrastructure is ready for your company to change and scale up every week.

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