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AirEye preparing to launch US operations after raising $8m in U.S. Venture Partners funding round


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AirEye – a global company in Network Airspace Protection (NAP) – has recently announced that it raised $8 million in a funding round led by U.S. Venture Partners (USVP).

USVP is a capital investment firm that specialises in early-stage ventures in cybersecurity, enterprise software and IT-enabled healthcare services.

Following the news of the investment, AirEye has confirmed that it will increase its headcount across the company’s Tel-Aviv-based R&D centre, launch US operations and also plan to develop new marketing and sales initiatives to accelerate global growth.

“Undoubtedly, the world is increasingly adopting wireless devices,” said Steve Krausz, Partner at USVP.

“Solving the rapidly growing airspace attack vulnerability is an extremely complex problem. It requires both cybersecurity and RF transmission expertise. These technical disciplines are rarely found in a single team.

“At AirEye, Co-Founders with decades of cybersecurity expertise joined forces with experienced wireless experts to build a unique company for one of today’s rapidly growing security threat. USVP is excited to join the AirEye team as it pioneers the first comprehensive solution for Network Airspace Protection.”

Shlomo Touboul, CEO and Co-Founder of AirEye, added: “AirEye addresses the largest unprotected and hence vulnerable network environment – the digital corporate airspace.

“The company has been doing extensive research into the vulnerabilities and attacks and has coined the term of Antenna for Hire to describe devices that attackers can remotely take over to compromise the corporate network.

“The vulnerable wireless devices operate as Antenna for Hire outside the network which therefore cannot be adequately protected by today’s IoT security solutions. Attackers exploit the Antenna for Hire to gain unauthorised corporate network access, hijack a corporate device or cause data leakage.”

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