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Airbus tests the world’s first hybrid Tetra 5G network in China


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Airbus successfully completed tests between 5G smartphones and terminals for the Guangzhou government’s shared radio network which connected with China Telecom’s 5G network in Guangzhou for the first time. The reliability and security of Airbus technology proved that it is, once again, at the forefront of the technological evolution.

With the use of the secure Tactilon Agnet application, end users from the Guangzhou government agencies are now able to experience full interoperability between the two networks. Furthermore, Tactilon Agnet allows seamless voice and data services between end users on the Tetra network and those using 5G, including group and individual calls, messaging services, video and data sharing as well as geo-positioning and push-to-talk features.

Airbus’s Tactilon Agnet – a state-of-the-art professional application and collaboration platform for business and mission-critical users – has been installed on various devices for use by the government of Guangzhou. This includes smartphones, secure phones with dual-operation systems, body-worn cameras and satellite smartphones.

The Guangzhou government’s shared Tetra Network, implemented by Airbus, is the very first hybrid network in the Asia-Pacific region. It is interconnected with 4G networks from all three Mobile Network Operators (China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom). The network has already proven its high reliability and resiliency during the immense Fortune Global Forum by providing the event with the first Tetra and LTE hybrid network at the end of 2017.

The Guangzhou Government Shared Radio Network is one of the biggest city-wide Tetra networks in the world. It serves over 50,000 subscribers from police forces, fire and ambulance services, local utility companies and the emergency response office among others. The network has a three-dimension coverage which comprises air, on-ground and underground coverage, providing widespread and seamless communications for all users.

With its interconnection with 4G and 5G networks, the Guangzhou Government Shared Radio is now paving its way towards the future.

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