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Airbus and Streamwide achieve key step in securing 4G/5G Mission Critical Communications


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Airbus and Streamwide have successfully demonstrated the interoperability of the Streamwide MCX (Mission Critical Services) client software for smartphones with Airbus KMS (Key Management System) server. This milestone is a key step in delivering secure solutions based on 3GPP standards to customers in the scope of critical communications.

With the incorporation of the KMS server to the Tactilon Agnet product solution, Airbus is committed to improve and secure the communications of governmental agencies and enterprises on their day-to-day operations by providing interoperable up-to-date technologies for critical services such as voice, video, messaging, geolocation and custom applications.

The KMS is an element of the 3GPP specification for MCX Critical Communication and it is the central point to generate the security key material to both the smartphone client and the Group Management Server (GMS) on the MCX server side. This is the foundation of the security and end-to-end encryption of group communications for all organisations relying on secure and reliable critical communication solutions.

The common integration of the solutions from Airbus and Streamwide is demonstrating the ability of both companies to design, integrate and deliver to the market technologies aligned with the 3GPP standards which for both companies is the foundation and commitment to support customers on the long term with proven and standardised technologies.

This achievement is also re-enforcing the long-term partnership already established between Airbus and Streamwide with the intention to lead the critical communications market.

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