Airbus completes project with Spanish Ministry of Interior


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Airbus has partnered with the Spanish Ministry of the Interior and Telefónica to evolve the SIRDEE emergency Network (SIRDEE – State Digital Radio Communications Emergency).

The aim of the project is to develop a comprehensive broadband service which incorporates broadband capabilities alongside existing narrowband features.

Airbus “proud to contribute”

According to Airbus, the significant project represents an advancement in guaranteeing the availability and reliability of critical services.

This is focused on the operational benefits that the broadband ecosystem can bring to end users.

SIRDEE currently serves over 150,000 users in Spain and covers approximately 700,000 km2, including the Canary and Balearic Islands and coastal areas.

“With the SIRDEE broadband evolution, the Spanish Ministry of Interior will lead the Spanish end users to the technological vanguard, increasing exponentially the network capabilities and use cases implementation,” said Jose Antonio Cebrián, Head of the Program Office, Ministry of Interior.

“By bringing our integration capabilities and expertise in the mission-critical ecosystem, Airbus is proud to contribute to this innovative service supporting the Spanish Ministry of Interior in their evolution towards broadband,” added Juan Carlos Hernández, Managing Director, Spain & Portugal, Airbus Public Safety and Security business unit.

“Reach the next level”

Javier Toribio, Head of the Mission Critical business unit, Telefónica commented: “After 24 years of successful SIRDEE service, Telefónica, together with our partner Airbus, is proud to help the Spanish Ministry of Interior and all national security forces to reach the next level, thanks to a comprehensive broadband emergency service that is becoming a world reference in terms of service capabilities and reliability.”

Following required field testing, operational deployment has commenced in Alicante and Albacete.

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