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Airbus wins ‘Best Use of Critical Communications in Public Safety’ award


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Airbus’ critical communications in Dubai World Expo has won the prize “Best Use of Critical Communications in Public Safety” during the annual International Critical Communications Awards (ICCAs) at the Critical Communications World (CCW) event in Vienna.

The ICCAs are the most prestigious awards in critical communications and this year, there were 15 categories in which products, organisations and individuals could be recognised.

In Airbus’ winning category, 15 judges from around the globe were looking for use cases from public safety customers that demonstrated good use of critical communications solutions. They identified that Airbus’ critical communications in Dubai World Expo was innovative and delivered clear end-user benefits.

“We are so thrilled to win! It has been an inspiring project for Airbus,” said Selim Bouri, Head of Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific for Airbus Secure Land Communications.

“A huge project as well – there were more than 20,000,000 visitors and the staff needed to secure an area that was equivalent in size to 600 football fields.”

Airbus provided communication and collaboration solutions to support the different organisations, such as the Dubai World Expo security and site management teams, Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services and Dubai Police. 

The staff responsible for the running of the World Expo Dubai and for ensuring its security used mission critical hybrid solutions that gave the professional smartphone users instant and reliable access to voice, video, multimedia, files and location information.

Tactilon Agnet functioned as a bridge between TETRA and broadband: TETRA users such as medical professionals in ambulances were able to communicate with the volunteers who all used smartphones.

The Expo security teams used Tactilon Dabat to scan access badges and IDs of visitors, contractors, volunteers and workers. It ran third-party apps in addition to Tactilon Agnet and the teams were able to share photos and videos in a secure way.

“We are proud and humbled to have contributed to the smooth running of the six-month long event – it was a complete success with no major security incidents,” said Selim Bouri.

Tactilon Agnet and Tactilon Dabat are on show during the CCW 2022 exhibition, booth A120 in Messe Wien, Austria, between the 21st and 23rd of June.

For more information, visit: www.airbus.com

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