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Airbus improves communications in Querétaro


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Airbus’ pioneer Secure Mobile Virtual Network Operator, MXLINK, has been selected to provide the Government of the State of Querétaro with a unique and fully secure mobile broadband communications platform for its COSMOS security and justice model.

In the context of the contract with the State of Queretaro, MXLINK services will be integrated into the multimedia tablets used by the State and Municipalities in order to securely and confidentially capture complaints and reports directly at the crime scene. This will ensure a higher level of security in the state and efficiently help law enforcement to complete their mission in a smoother and more optimised manner thanks to the technology provided. The inhabitants of the city will also be able to access security and justice swiftly and reliably, as is their constitutional right.

In addition, MXLINK services, notably Airbus’ Tactilon Agnet solution, will be used to provide a highly secure mobile communications platform for search and surveillance missions and encrypted communications of high command, fully integrated with Mexico’s Tetrapol IP Radio Network that covers 50% of the territory, reaches 85% of the population and has over 100,000 terminals in operation today.

The COSMOS security and justice model using Airbus’ fully secure mobile broadband communications platform is a management model designed by the Queretaro state for the implementation, operation and consolidation of the Accusatory Criminal Justice System, with a systemic and integral approach that privileges processes to guarantee the citizens’ fundamental right to access justice freely.

Launched in May this year, MXLINK is the first of its kind in Mexico and Latin America, and offers multi-operator coverage, interoperability with the National Radiocommunication Tetrapol Network and end-to-end voice and data security from the most reliable telecom and data centre platform in the country. With MXLINK, Airbus seized the opportunity to take advantage of the technological advances in the country – such as the deployment of Red Compartida – to propose a reliable, secure, high-quality service for members of public safety organisations such as police officers, firefighters and members of National Defence, offering easy access to a state-of-the-art communication solutions tailored to their needs.

To discover how MXLINK is used in Queretaro, click on this link to watch Part 1 of the VLOG on YouTube.

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