Airbus to take part in EDEX 2021 in Egypt


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Airbus will join the second edition of Egypt’s EDEX, the only tri-service defence and security exhibition in North Africa, to highlight how the features of its Tactilon Agnet solution can support smart collaboration and communication within defence and military organisations. EDEX is taking place from 29 November to 2 December, 2021 at the Egypt International Convention and Exhibition Centre in New Cairo.

With an exhibition stand located at H2-D52, the company will hold a live demonstration of its Tactilon Agnet solution, a cloud-based collaboration service. Tactilon Agnet is a push-to-talk and end-to-end encrypted system that delivers the best of both Tetra and broadband solutions. Its state-of-the-art features are designed to achieve better connectivity and higher operational efficiency and safety. Defence and military forces can use Tactilon Agnet to securely talk, send multimedia messages and exchange live video with their teams with just a click.

On top of the solution’s multimedia-enriched messaging and video transmission capabilities, Tactilon Agnet is equipped as well with emergency calls and real-time location tracking functionalities to ensure that defence and military personnel can coordinate and respond to any incident faster and better.

The technology is a modern, easy-to-use, flexible and scalable collaboration solution that is efficient for group communication. In addition, defence and military leaders can leverage Tactilon Agnet to easily coordinate large field teams needing real-time communications. The mission-critical solution brings a team together and provides relevant assistance to personnel, whether they need to share pictures of incidents or get support with a live video.

During EDEX, Airbus will showcase Tactilon Agnet’s compatibility across the board. The technology supports 3GPP standards and hybrid network solutions. The latter enables organisations to migrate smoothly from narrowband systems (DMR, P25, Analog, TETRA and Tetrapol) without disruptive change programmes.

The solution can be set up without the need to focus on hosting or maintenance activities. Organisations can choose where to host their mission-critical services either on their own servers or those of a trusted party.

“Team communication is critical in military and defence operations. It serves as a foundation for implementing a collaborative approach, without which, things can get easily disorganised and may easily escalate into misunderstanding and confusion among team members with costly effects. Our interoperable and collaborative technology can support combat systems across land, air, sea, space and cyber. It is designed to provide mission-critical communication and collaboration to guarantee that everyone is on the same page, at the right time. It is also packed with secure and dependable features that can meet even the most advanced needs.

“We look forward to demonstrating these features at EDEX and shedding light on the many benefits that our solution can bring to our target organisations,” said Selim Bouri, Head of Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific for Airbus Secure Land Communications.

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