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Airbus equips Bavarian rescue dog team with communication solution

Airbus - Bavarian rescue dog team

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Airbus’ Agnet broadband critical communication solution has been chosen to equip the Bavarian rescue dog team (BRH) as part of a project funded by the German government.

The smartphone app enables BRH teams to communicate quickly using the 5G standard, even in remote and rural areas, aiding in mission coordination and timely response to emergencies.

Airbus’ Agnet

According to the Bundesministerium für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft, the contract to enhance BRH’s communication equipment with Airbus’ Agnet solution was awarded to SELECTRIC for several reasons.

The company‘s Agnet enables users to seamlessly share voice, data, live video and geolocation services with a simple button press.

It also offers easy scalability to accommodate a growing number of users and ensures a high level of security.

As a result, the BRH has expanded its number of licenses from 80 to 200.

Reliable even in remote areas

BRH emergency services utilise Agnet through a smartphone app, allowing for digital group radio with unlimited range.

Agnet facilitates various communication features such as push-to-talk, individual and group calls, as well as emergency calls with location transmission and tracking.

Additionally, BRH teams can reliably share text, image and video messages, even in remote areas.

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