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Bahrain Grand Prix 2022 supported by Airbus with communication solutions


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Airbus Secure Land Communications served once again as the critical communication technology partner of the Bahrain Grand Prix 2022.

Airbus Secure Land Communications provided the organising committee its TMR880i, THR880i, TH1N and TH9 Tetra radios and RCS9500 Radio Dispatch Console for deployment in all key areas of the race venue. The mission-critical end-to-end secure communication solutions helped secure the site and ensure smooth on-ground network and race operations.

The TMR880i Tetra radio is an easy-to-use mobile radio. Optimised for mission-critical communication and in-vehicle use, it is designed for various installation options and can be programmed and tailored to fit the needs of the users.

Selim Bouri, Head of Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific for Airbus said: “In any event, secure, seamless and fast coordination between security and organising teams is pivotal. This reliable and safe connectivity, which is essential to an event’s overall success, is what Airbus offers through its mission-critical solutions. Our technologies are equipped with features enabling rapid and dependable individual and group communications.

“We provide users with the real time information necessary to implement the right decisions and actions. We connect each member of the team, empowering them and enabling them to address any incident at the right moment. At Airbus, we are honoured that we were able to showcase this commitment at the Bahrain Grand Prix. We look forward to extending the same support to the future editions of the popular auto racing spectacle,” Bouri concluded.

For more information, visit: www.airbus.com/en

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