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Aidon chooses Telenor IoT to connect Smart Energy Service Devices


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Aidon, a Nordic specialist in the electricity utility industry for smart metering, smart grids and services and Telenor IoT has signed an agreement to connect Aidon’s smart energy service devices.

Headquarted in Finland, Aidon was the first company in the world to equip energy meters with sensors to detect events in the low voltage electricity grid. Today, Aidon has applied their advanced analytic methods near to real-time sensor data collected by their smart meters and devices. This enables their customers, the energy distribution service operators, to implement preventative and predictive maintenance practices and secure reliable distribution of energy as well as boost their grid operations. For this purpose, a robust connectivity solution with high performance was necessary.

Today around four million Aidon smart energy devices are in use in the Nordics. The company was looking for a global connectivity partner to support its growing business in the Nordics and in selected countries in Central Europe, with a strong position in those markets and a strong focus on IoT connectivity innovations.

Paulo Vergos, Chief Sales and Solution Officer Nordics at Telenor IoT, said: “IoT plays a significant role within the utility and smart meter industry and is a key enabler of increased efficiency. We are proud to welcome yet another innovative key player and a leading Nordic smart energy service device vendor. We are looking forward to connecting their products and seeing them grow.”

Aidon and Telenor IoT are among the first players on the market to provide an industrial implementation for GSMA eSIM SGP.31 standard enabling remote operator change.

Tommi Blomberg, CEO at Aidon, said: “Aidon will be supplying an increasing number of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint connected IoT smart metering devices in coming years. This partnership gives Aidon customers the freedom to tailor their metering solutions in a new, hybrid way, perfectly suited for each individual case. When we were seeking partners for IoT connectivity, Telenor IoT was an excellent fit for our innovative and customer-oriented way of working. We are pleased to announce our partnership with Telenor IoT and are looking forward to bringing their services to many of our new and existing customers as part of our solutions.”

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