AI and industrial cameras: Pioneering security solutions

AI and industrial cameras: Pioneering security solutions

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The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and smart cameras is rapidly changing the security and surveillance industry, reports IDS.

Advanced technologies improve the efficiency, effectiveness and adaptability of security systems and provide safer environments for individuals, businesses and communities. But what are the specific benefits they offer? And how can companies take the first steps?

AI-enabled smart cameras are capable of processing complex data quickly and accurately. These cameras can therefore detect subtle patterns, movements or anomalies that might escape the human eye, enabling timely intervention and response to potential security breaches.

In addition, AI-powered cameras can adaptively analyse and process surveillance footage even when it exhibits wide variations, such as crowded public spaces or changing lighting conditions. This adaptability ensures that AI algorithms can reliably detect, categorise and process a wide range of security-related data, resulting in more accurate and efficient threat detection and response.

Improving security systems through AI-driven automation

In consequence, the technology can help automate various aspects of surveillance operations, such as monitoring and tracking crowds or identifying unauthorised access to restricted areas. By automating these tasks, security personnel can focus on more important aspects of their work, while AI-controlled cameras work tirelessly and efficiently in the background.

Compact and integrated solutions for comfortable use

Embedded vision systems, which means camera with on-board AI technology, can provide compact and efficient solutions for facilities. These systems process data and control functions within the device itself, eliminating the need for external PCs or cumbersome configurations. This seamless integration allows for a space-saving design and sleeker security equipment that improves overall functionality and ease of use.

Take the leap: The power of the AI vision system – IDS NXT

However, how do companies take their first steps with the new technology? After all, some companies may lack the necessary knowledge and time to familiarise themselves with the field of AI and its use for their needs. The AI vision system IDS NXT is designed to help with this, as it can be operated quickly and easily by any user group – even without in-depth knowledge of machine learning, image processing or application programming. It therefore offers an excellent basis for the smart use of image processing.

The all-in-one system consists of intelligent industrial cameras plus software environment, which covers the entire process from creating to running AI vision applications. In addition to its user friendly workflows and holistic design, expert tools enable open platform programming, making IDS NXT cameras highly customisable and suitable for a wide range of applications.

Thanks to the latest software update, these intelligent cameras are now able to detect anomalies independently and thereby optimise e.g. inspection processes. For this purpose, users train a neural network that is then executed on the programmable cameras.

To achieve this, IDS Imaging Development Systems offers the AI Vision Studio IDS NXT lighthouse, which is characterised by easy-to-use workflows and seamless integration into the IDS NXT ecosystem. Customers can even use only “GOOD” images for training. This means that relatively little training data is required compared to the other AI methods Object Detection and Classification.

This simplifies the development of an AI vision application and is well suited for evaluating the potential of AI-based image processing for projects in the company.

Prepare for the future of security and surveillance

Intelligent cameras are changing the security landscape, streamlining various processes from threat detection to automated surveillance. Companies such as IDS Imaging Development Systems provide the necessary tools to test, use and benefit from AI vision.

This helps security providers to stay ahead of the curve and ensure that they are well equipped to meet the challenges of an increasingly digital and connected world. Smart cameras and AI will continue to play a critical role in shaping security and surveillance in the future, providing even more accurate, efficient and adaptable solutions.

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