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Advanced Radiation Detector MP100 designed for portable application


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Rapiscan Systems, a global supplier of security inspection technology, has launched the new MP100 Portable Radiation Monitoring Detection system, now available in multiple configurations.

Protecting the public, infrastructure and critical resources has never been more vital than it is in today’s climate. The advanced MP100 Portable Radiation Monitoring Detection systems are lightweight, high-performance, easy-to-use monitoring systems housed in compact commercial backpacks. They are designed specifically to screen for radiological and nuclear threats with high sensitivity.

The Rapiscan MP100 is now available in three configurations:

  • MP100 detection for gamma
  • MP100GN for gamma and neutron radiation
  • MP100GNS for gamma, neutron gamma radiation identification (spectroscopic id).

All of the MP100 systems are designed for use in portable, mobile, or fixed position configurations with customs, border patrol, critical infrastructure, event security, military, maritime and law enforcement applications in mind.

The MP100 family of backpacks provide superior detector efficiency to help locate smaller sources of radiation or detecting threats from greater distances.

“Monitoring potential danger is necessary to protect the public from harm,” said Mal Maginnis, President of Rapiscan Systems, “this is why our advanced MP100 family provides superior detector efficiency to find smaller, potentially dangerous, sources of radiation. We want to make on-the-move threat detection easier for quick radiation discovery. With wireless data transmission and battery change within one minute, MP100 is designed for fast, reliable and expert threat identification.”

For more information on Rapiscan Systems MP100, please visit here.

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