ADANI Ltd awarded multi-year MoJ contract


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ADANI Ltd has announced that it has been awarded, by the UK Ministry of Justice (MoJ), a £28 million multi-year Framework Agreement for the supply, installation and support of X-ray Transmission Body Scanners for HM Prisons nationally and other UK Government organisations.

As has been widely published, the smuggling of items including mobile phones, drugs and other contraband items concealed within the body is a serious problem, especially into prisons. To address this problem the MoJ decided to procure and carry out a significant rollout of state-of-the-art X-ray Transmission Body Scanners and so has, over the last five months, conducted a very thorough and professional assessment of the different manufacturers of Transmission Body Scanners including performance evaluation tests. Following the evaluation, the Ministry of Justice declared that ADANI Ltd offered the best product in terms of performance and price.

Leonid Zelenkevich, MD of ADANI Ltd, said: “We are delighted to have been awarded this Framework Contract which confirms ADANI as the world leader in the design, manufacture, installation and support of X-Ray Transmission Body Scanner. It has been a real pleasure working during the Tender Evaluation with an organisation, the Ministry of Justice, that has a real understanding of the technology and a professional approach to tendering. We look forward to working with it over the next few years to fulfil the requirements.”

Jason Croft, Commercial Lead for the Ministry of Justice exercise, said: “The MoJ has spent a significant amount time developing its requirements and understanding the technology and problems to meet its latest detection requirements and challenged the market to develop world leading image quality. As a result of our technical and commercial considerations, which included international performance and effectiveness testing, ADANI Ltd was awarded the Framework.”


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