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Acronis nets key partnership with Fulham FC


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Acronis has announced a three year partnership with English football club, Fulham.

Everycloud.co.uk will support Acronis as its ‘Strategic #Cyberfit’ delivery partner, providing its cyber protection solutions and cloud backup service to the club.

“We are very pleased to be working with Acronis and EveryCloud UK and we look forward to incorporating them into our cloud backup and file security infrastructure,” said Arturs Banks, Head of IT, Fulham FC.

“Their support and expertise will be invaluable to Fulham FC and the Fulham FC Foundation as we continue to prioritise data and cybersecurity at the club.”

Ronan McCurtin, VP of Sales Europe, Israel and Turkey, Acronis remarked: “We are proud to be partnering with Fulham FC, a club that understands the importance of keeping their data protected.

“With EveryCloud.co.uk we have the right partner who will support us in providing the team with a full suite of Acronis cyber protection solutions to protect the team’s data assets and optimise data workflow, facilitating the team performing at its best both on and off the pitch.”

Paul Richards, Director of Technology, EveryCloud.co.uk added: “EveryCloud.co.uk is delighted to partner with Fulham FC alongside our partner Acronis to deliver a complete suite of Cyber Protection services.

“Our proven track record of working with Acronis will enable Fulham FC to further protect their data, systems and infrastructure with the reliability and performance of Acronis’ products and services.

“Even the strongest defence needs backup.”

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