Access management market predicted to grow 3bn USD by 2025


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KuppingerCole Analysts has predicted significant growth in the access management market.

The firm’s analysts have predicted that the access management market’s CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) will be approximately 15%; this would lead to a growth of the market by 3bn USD by 2025, compared to 2021.

Controlling user access as well as supporting modern authentication and federation to target systems continues to be a growing market.

The expected growth is in line with the overall growth of the cybersecurity and IAM (identity and access management) markets that have been observed in the last few years.

The trend towards ‘work from anywhere’, paired with ever-increasing cyber-risks, further drives the access management market segment. Passwordless authentication and support for a multitude of devices and authentication mechanisms requires modern solutions, also leading to replacements of legacy solutions in this market.

Access management refers to the group of capabilities targeted at supporting access management requirements of organisations ranging from authentication, authorisation, single sign-on and identity federation traditionally found within web access management and identity federation solutions.

These access management capabilities are well-established areas in the broader scope of IAM, in which they are continuing to gain attraction due to emerging requirements for integrating business partners and customers.

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