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Abloy UK creates safe spaces with hands free access control system

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While remaining open to supply essential markets in the Republic of Ireland, RSPL recognised the urgent need to implement new safety measures to protect customers and staff.

To help mitigate the risk of infection at its Dublin premises, RSPL set out to use a mix of automated access control technologies to create a safer, hands free environment.

To achieve this, RSPL approached security experts, Abloy UK to supply automatic door operators to give visitors hands free access and egress. The specification links with the building’s access control and door entry system to ensure that staff and visitors can access the building and collect supplies safely.

The automated doors work in conjunction with face recognition technology, temperature screening cameras, a visitor density control system and ‘no-touch’ door releases. All of this technology combines to give visitors to the premises the safest experience possible.

The new compliant system includes the Abloy DA460 electrotechnical swing door operator, complete with DA147 push arm and DA103 mounting plate. To achieve automation these are supplemented by the EL520 motor lock, DA460 lock controller, EA280 door loop, CY326-VL single cylinder and 60-0119-SSS lever handles.

Pat Jefferies, Commercial Director at Abloy UK, said: “Automated access control has existed for a long time, but it’s understandably never been more important or in demand. I believe hands free solutions like this will undoubtedly become more commonplace as we all seek to find a new normal.

“Door automation is a simple measure that businesses can introduce to help protect their customers and employees and anything that helps a company continue its operations while reducing the risk of infection is welcome.”

Dermot Breslin, Product Development and Training Manager at RSPL, said: “Our security products are installed in hospitals, pharmacies and supermarkets, so our doors have to stay open. Because of this, we decided to make our building as hands-free as possible for everyone’s safety.

“We also felt this was an important opportunity to showcase best practice to our visitors, demonstrating how they in turn can use similar solutions in their premises to give confidence to their own customers.

“We chose to work with Abloy because it is known for its quality products; it was an easy decision to make for such an important project.”

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