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Exclusive: 4G connectivity for access control

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Rob Evans, Sales Director at CSL discusses the benefits presented by 4G connectivity for access control systems.

As our world becomes increasingly connected, the wider IoT or M2M industry and our fire & security sector are becoming more and more aligned. Connectivity now underpins many security systems, from access control and CCTV to intruder and fire monitoring. It offers improved product performance and reliability – as it enables remote maintenance and software upgrades. It also ensures important data is transferred and stored securely, offsite.

With the rapid expansion of 4G coverage, we have seen mobile networks replace wired broadband as the technology of choice for many Installers. As wireless 4G connections are available across most of the UK it ensures not only rapid deployment but also confidence when installing. At CSL, we identified that our Installers needed a solution to provide secure connectivity for access control.

CSL Router

CSL’s secure, reliable connectivity can support anything from fob or card proximity systems to biometric and facial recognition systems for access control. CSL’s solutions use our 4G Roaming SIM technology to ensure that no matter where your system is set up, they provide the best possible connectivity available.

CSL Router offers 4G connectivity for any application, it sends data via a 4G SIM, which provides an encrypted connection to the internet on sites where wired broadband is unavailable, impractical or slow. Our 4G Back-up option encrypts a connection that is using an existing broadband service and provides a reliable failover business solution if wired broadband were to go down or fail.

Single and Managed Multi-Path options are available depending on the installation, utilising a combination of 4G alongside IP, xDSL and FTTC connectivity. For installations that require professional monitoring, CSL Router can be connected to an alarm receiving centre. It is also available as a self-monitoring solution with the ability to upgrade to full ARC Connection at any time. All variants arrive pre-configured for quick installation and are supplied with the appropriate monthly data SIM bundle to help manage costs.

Case study

A good example of how this 4G connectivity solution can provide more remote access is when CIA Fire & Security approached CSL for their Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) tennis courts. Having worked with CSL for several years for their alarm signalling, CIA were confident that CSL Router would be able to offer trusted connectivity.

CSL Router was chosen to provide 4G connectivity for the electronic locking system at the tennis courts. Elements of the system were solar powered and CSL also provided a consultancy service to ensure the Router could operate with this power source. The Router provides a connection between the electronic lock and booking system.

As a result, users can now book a time slot online where they receive an access code. When they arrive at their allocated court, the electronic lock is primed to receive the code. A lot of the tennis courts are in remote locations, CSL Router provided connectivity where fixed line internet wasn’t available, ensuring that the courts would not be left out of action.

CSL Router is ideal where the challenges and cost implications of wired broadband are not an option. CIA now have over 80 CSL Routers in operation all supported by CSL’s fully managed service.

To find out more about how CSL’s solutions can support your access control systems, please visit www.csl-group.com

access control
Rob Evans

This article was published in the April 2021 edition of International Security Journal. Pick up your FREE digital copy here

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