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3xLOGIC introduces VIGIL version 12.0 software release


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3xLOGIC has released the latest version of its VIGIL Video Management Suite, version 12.0. VIGIL is the core 64-bit service all other 3xLOGIC applications are built upon. With an Easy Setup Wizard to guide integrators through installation, end users can have the solution up and running in minutes. Designed with limited bandwidth in mind, the solution uses 3xLOGIC’s proprietary RapidStream Technology and Substream Motion Detection capabilities to provide high resolution over networks with low bandwidth available. VIGIL is compatible with all ONVIF Profile S cameras, including 3xLOGIC’s latest VISIX Gen III cameras and the solution also boasts a large library of more than 150 POS integrations.

“Version 12.0 is a major upgrade to our VIGIL software. We’re excited to roll it out to provide end users with even greater functionality and ease of use,” says Bill Hobbs, VP of Global Sales for 3xLOGIC. “With this latest update, VIGIL 12.0 delivers powerful filtering, diagnostic tools, health monitoring and much more – all with the end user in mind.”

In addition to standard stability and performance improvements across the entire VIGIL VMS suite, the new version also introduces several new features and additions to an already powerful toolset.

VIGIL Server supports 3xLOGIC’s newest Gen III cameras (Thermal, Multisensor and Cube Camera) and adds new user permissions such as allow/disable RapidStream on live and group management. The search interface aids in filtering down the full comprehensive list of available user and group permissions and a new priority field for configured alarms allows users to prioritise alarms by instance.

VIGIL Client delivers granular client connection counts and playback cue to frame, while also adding the ability to export POS search results as a CSV file. Advanced SmartSearch functionality allows users to quickly and easily identify and review events of interest. All server diagnostic tools, including the new Server Performance Monitor, are now easily accessible from a Server’s Diagnostics tree node. Seamless infinias Access Control integration delivers a complete solution encompassing 3xLOGIC’s full line of products to provide end users with a powerful and easy-to-use surveillance and access control network.

VIGIL VCM allows users to update group folders and provides Active Directory integration to manage VCM users. VCM can also act as an Active Directory proxy for managed VIGIL Servers and their users and user groups. New health monitoring criteria allow users to monitor MAC address, error code and team viewer ID. Expanded network connection counts for Version 12 servers allow VCM users to view granular live, playback and other client connection counts for monitored VIGIL Servers.

Additional software packages are available, including POS, Video Analytics Reporting and VCM for centralised health monitoring and management and users can download 3xLOGIC’s free mobile app, View Lite II, for Android and iOS devices.

VIGIL VMS can be updated remotely or directly at the server. Version 12.0 can be downloaded here.

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