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3xLOGIC announces availability of Serverless Camera Bundle


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3xLOGIC has announced the availability of its Serverless Camera Bundle. Designed for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as being suitable for educational, retail, healthcare and warehouse and distribution environments, it offers organisations that don’t have support staff to maintain on-site servers and infrastructure, the opportunity to benefit from a cutting edge security solution.

“Security is just as important to SMEs as it is to larger organisations, however, they often lack the human and financial resources needed to service and maintain this type of infrastructure,” explained Alex Buckle, 3xLOGIC’s UK and European Sales Support Manager. “Having listened to our customers, we realised that by eliminating server configuration and maintenance we could create an easy to set-up and install system that offers SMEs the type of flexibility they require. The Serverless Camera Bundle makes this possible in a fully featured solution that integrates with the 3xLOGIC VIGIL video management system (VMS) software.”

Flexibility, functionality, scalability and future proofing are at the heart of the Serverless Camera Bundle. As the world moves away from on-premises servers and into the cloud, 3xLOGIC has provided an interim step with serverless cameras that offer a ‘per camera’ alternative. However, recognising that requirements change, it is possible to add a server if required or transition to the highly cost effective 3xLOGIC cloud solution.

The Serverless Camera Bundle incorporates 3xLOGIC VISIX devices that boast all in one functionality. Users can choose from the VISIX 5MP fixed 2.8mm lens indoor/outdoor vandal proof mini-dome and VISIX 5MP fixed 4mm lens outdoor mini-bullet cameras, which are both available in 128GB or 256GB storage options. Both variants feature solid-state components, so there are no mechanical drives as failure points and they can be configured using the VISIX Setup App.

Remote access to live and recorded video is also possible through VIGIL Client and/or the VIGIL View Lite II App.

Alex Buckle concluded: “At 3xLOGIC we believe that all organisations should have access to a state-of-the-art security solution that meets their specific needs. Incorporating storage and software on the devices, thus negating the need for any servers or ongoing maintenance, makes the Serverless Camera Bundle perfect for those who want the power of video surveillance without the hassle and stress of a complex set-up.”

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