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3xLOGIC announces the European launch of its VIGIL VMS


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3xLOGIC, a provider of integrated and intelligent security solutions, has announced the availability of its pioneering VIGIL video management system (VMS) in Europe. Already enormously popular in the USA, 3xLOGIC aims to replicate this success and is targeting VIGIL at those who want all the power of integrated video and access control, without the stress and cost of a complex set-up.

VIGIL’s enterprise grade VMS is the driving force behind the VIGIL range of network video recorders (NVRs) and power over Ethernet (PoE) cameras. Its easy set-up wizard guides installers and end users through the configuration process, helping to define network parameters, system identification information and camera profiles quickly and efficiently.

Events can be viewed via PC or mobile app, allowing users to respond to alarms and view live footage from any location, while SmartSearch functionality enables individuals to quickly identify and review events. With 3xLOGIC’s VIGIC Central Management software (VCM), it is also possible to monitor server connectivity, camera status, storage details and server settings, and 3xLOGIC’s RapidStream technology and SubStream motion detection functionality offers high resolution while substantially reducing bandwidth demands.

All VIGIL NVRs come pre-configured with VIGIL VMS software and 3xLOGIC PoE-enabled internet protocol (IP) dome, bullet, cube, 360°, thermal imaging and pan tilt zoom (PTZ) cameras are designed to suit any application. The easy set-up wizard also provides plug and play capability for easy deployment, so no IP video experience is necessary to start recording or viewing video.

Users can easily narrow down points of interest within larger playback clips by creating a SmartSearch mask over an area of an image and surveillance data can also be routinely archived without the need to perform the task manually. Advanced reporting features including heat mapping, restricting and locking video are also possible.

End users are increasingly demanding integrated VMS and access control. VIGIL can be seamlessly integrated with 3xLOGIC’s cutting edge infinias access control solution, which is designed to easily manage any size of project ranging from a single door to an enterprise-wide installation of hundreds of doors. With no wires from VIGIL to infinias, configuration is carried out through software with an automated, cloud-based programing tool. This offers a cost effective way to create one intuitive solution where video is automatically linked with access control events and alarms.

Offering a level of functionality previously only available in solutions designed for larger projects, VIGIL removes the need for expensive technical labour. It therefore opens up a new revenue stream for installers that work primarily with small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), or who wish to start offering an integration based service. VIGIL is available through the existing PAC channel, with full access to its technical support, meaning that customers can rely on a tried and trusted supply chain that delivers products on time, every time.

“The response to 3xLOGIC’s presence in Europe has been phenomenal,” commented David Hughes, the company’s Global Product Manager. “The availability of VIGIL is the next step in our strategy to redefine the way in which security systems are designed, specified and configured across the continent. Suitable for almost any budget, VIGIL is designed to be fully integrated to provide SMEs with comprehensive, cost effective and state-of-the-art video and access control infrastructures that are easy to manage, simple to install and can scale in line with changing needs.”

For more information on 3xLOGIC’s’s infinias access control solution, please visit: https://pacgdx.com/products/3xlogic

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