3DX-Ray wins contract with an important US Federal Agency


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3DX-Ray have announced winning an important contract for the sale of a ThreatScan- LS3 System Combination Package to a major US Federal Agency. The contract is the first part of a framework for a further 12 systems.

Following the successful delivery of the first complete system John Howell, 3DX-Ray’s IED/EOD Security Specialist said: “After completing a rigorous selection process, we are delighted to have secured this first contract with one of the country’s most vital government agencies.”

The ThreatScan-LS3 systems consists of a 305mm x 256mm imaging panel, a portable wireless I-Gen x-ray generator, a laptop imaging station with wireless communication, batteries, and chargers, carry cases and ThreatSpect software.

These systems can also have a very thin self-developing film capability that can be used when a rigid DR panel cannot be deployed. The film instantly provides an image to the bomb Technician downrange and can be scanned as a digital image and loaded into the ThreatSpect or XTK software and adjusted with the image enhancement tools. This film provides an added capability that ensures all possible scenarios are catered for.

For more information, visit: www.3dx-ray.com

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