3DX-RAY wins major UK defence contract


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3DX-RAY has been selected for a contract with a prominent UK defence contractor.

NP Aerospace Limited has partnered with the company for the supply of its ThreatScan x-ray system.

3DX-RAY wins NP Aerospace contract

According to 3DX-RAY, the newly awarded contract – subject to the finalisation of commercial terms – will commence with a three month trial and testing process.

With the trial process expected to commence in September 2024, once they are concluded, 3DX-RAY will commence delivery of its ThreatScan portable x-ray systems.

The estimated contract value is approx. £3m over a 36 month period.

The ThreatScan portable x-ray system is said to empower bomb technicians and enable them to conduct rapid and accurate threat assessments across a range of operational scenarios.

“Cutting-edge solutions in x-ray screening”

“I am delighted that we have secured this contract, which has been achieved against stiff international competition,” added Vince Deery, Chief Executive, 3DX-RAY.

“This success stems directly from our revised product development strategy to focus on high performing portable systems and confirms our confidence in the strength of our extended portable x-ray product range within a competitive market.

“3DX-RAY remains committed to providing cutting-edge solutions in x-ray screening and reaffirms its dedication to meeting the evolving needs of the security inspection sector.”

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