3D LiDAR solution protects Middle East army barracks

3D LiDAR solution

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Quanergy has deployed its 3D LiDAR security solution to protect an army barracks in the Middle East.

Quanergy 3D LiDAR solution

The solution has helped reduce the false alarm rate whilst providing accurate detection for genuine intrusion attempts at the site.

According to Quanergy, for some time, the country’s military had faced challenges with the barrack’s existing perimeter intrusion detection system.

The previous system relied on camera-based analytics and thermal cameras.

Quanergy’s unified 3D LiDAR sensor and advanced perception software solution, Q-Track, is now helping to pinpoint the exact location of a potential intrusion while tracking the direction and speed at which an intruder is moving.

This data can then be utilised by the army’s VMS to generate real time, accurate alerts.

To find out more information, please visit: www.quanergy.com

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